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About Guaracuí

The aim of this blog is to become your trusted source on Responsible Finance and Sustainable Development. We believe in the recent growth of Responsible Finance. Our belief is that Responsible Finance is about delivering social and environmental benefits with financial returns in a commercially sustainable fashion, which ultimately contributes to the long-term sustainability of our planet.

4 billion people belong to the so-called “Bottom of the Pyramid” (BOP), and aim at lifting themselves out of poverty. Having access to affordable products and services is a powerful way to reach this goal. Our blog focuses on developing economies, in particular Latin America and Africa. We highlight the importance of financial services, but also access to health, education, sanitation, the need for sustainable agriculture and clean energy. These will be some of the topics we analyze in this blog.

The BOP can afford those products and services that are designed to meet its needs. A company that delivers the right product or service to the BOP has an enormous market potential. Subsidies, grants or donations may help those companies in their early years, but we believe that companies with social and environmental objectives can and should be profitable, if run by a professional staff concerned with financial and commercial sustainability and when they follow best practices of governance and transparency. This is a win win situation for all – investors, investees, BOP market and the planet.

Responsible finance means simultaneously pursuing the above objectives and profit. We do not believe that there must be a trade off between responsibility and profitability, and believe that responsible finance is every bit as professional, commercially viable as traditional finance, and it is based on broader – and more sustainable –  market principles than traditional finance.

Taking a long-term view on business opportunities is essential to sustainable development. Where traditional finance tends to be too conservative and short sighted in terms of time horizon and sectors of investment, we see responsible finance and sustainable development as forward-looking, long-term, and seeking to make profit, create jobs and build economies and industries that have so far been overlooked by traditional investors. A long-term business outlook is not only necessary to achieve structural change but it is ultimately more profitable as well.

Our goal is to give a voice to those companies, their managers, and investors who believe in Responsible Finance as a means for Sustainable Development. Guaracuí means “tree” in guarani, an indigenous language of Brazil, evoking the concept of sustainable development. Through interviews, summaries of sector trends and book reviews, we provide our view on the growth, opportunities and challenges of those companies. Guaracuí is not affiliated to a specific organization or project and we aim to strike a unique balance between objective, factual information and our personal insights. We also open the blog to contributors interested in the sector. Please send all feedback to

We hope that you will enjoy the time spent on this blog, and we welcome your opinion.

Enjoy your reading!

Jordan, Fred, Henrique and Humberto

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  1. September 3, 2012 2:33 pm

    i encourage you to go foward, i am entrepreuneur from Rwanda.

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